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Proceedings of the First Brazilian Symposium of Mathematical and Computational Biology

Anais do IV Simpósio Brasileiro e I Simpósio Internacional de Biologia Matemática e Computacional
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1 The Minimal Surface Structure of Biomolecules
13 The Brain as an Excitable Medium an Experimental Approach
27 Extragenic palindromes: the identification of genes and regulation of the SOS DNA repair regulon of Escherichia coli K-12
37 Application of mathematical models of DNA sequence evolution in experimental phylogenetics and studies of Trypanosoma cruzi genetic diversity
69 Health Informatics Education: Onsite and online instruction Project - Preliminary Results
85 Linear Regression modeling of infant mortality in Brazilian municipalities according to different predictor selection strategies
107 Comparative Biology and Intuitive Set Theory
123 Differential Geometric Modelling in Trophodynamics
149 Type SIS Epidemiological Model with Subjective Parameters
167 Quantum Models of Mind and Quantum Brain: Are They Compatible with Environmental Decoherence?
203 An Invitation to Research on the Mechanics of Folded Media: Application in Biomechanics and Geophysics
221 Metastability: an Emerging Property of Icosahedral Viral Capsids?
231 Creativity and Delusions: The Dopaminergic Modulation of Cortical Maps
263 Mathematical Foudations of Microswimming
277 How to Model Blood Flow in Distensible Vessels
293 On the Three-Stage Dynamics of HIV Infection
307 Index

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